What’s New in Vegas for 2019

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Not a year goes by without there being plenty of new visitor attractions available in Las Vegas, and 2019 looks set to be no different.

One new attraction is the Fly Linq zip line, which will allow customers to take trip along a zip wire located above the Linq Promenade, it’s a 35 second breath taking journey but one that will probably be best suited for visitors with no fear of heights.

Over at the Mob Museum a new small distillery is now available in the basement, and it makes corn-mash moonshine which visitors are able to sample for free. Getting into the basement will entail visitors finding out the password for admission, which is posted on the venues Instagram page once a week.

Another place that is proving popular year on year with visitors to Las Vegas is the Neon Museum. This year they are adding several new, or should I say old neon signs, one of which is the giant guitar from Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas which has been donated to the museum after the venue closed after 30 years.

To be perfectly honest, it doesn’t really matter what visitors to Las Vegas are interested in doing, they are always going to be guaranteedto find a range of different activities that will suit all individual tastes, when they do fancy a change of scenery from the gaming floors.

However, as is always the case visitors should be prepared to shop around for the best deals and never pay full price for admission fees and the like, for there are plenty of deals to be had if they do shop around.

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