Whistleblowing Casino Dealers Death Not Suspicious

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There had been some serious concerns that the death of a casino dealer in Pennsylvania had been somehow linked to him reporting a major fraud at the land based casino he had worked at, however that has turned out not to be the case.

Matthew Crane, a 28 year old casino dealer was recently found dead in Mill Creek in Pennsylvania, however the local coroner’s office has confirmed that there is nothing suspicious surrounding his death and it was a case of accidental drowning as opposed to something more sinister.

Concerns have been raised that his death was in some way linked to him alerting gaming regulators about a scam he had uncovered in the gaming venue he worked for, which for reference was the nearby Mohegan Sun Pocono Casino.

Crane had discovered that three employees working at that casino had been involved in a scam in which they utilized players’ club cards and made copies of them to cheat the casino in a very well thought-out scam of a huge $420,000.

Those three employees had recently pleaded guilty to their crimes which they committed between 2001 and 2015, and Crane was actually in a relationship with one of the members of the fraudsters when he reported it.

The concerns of a suspicious death was based around the fact that when his body was discovered floating in the creek on Saturday it appeared that he has suffered a head wound. However, upon investigation and a full autopsy it was decided that he had fallen from nearby rail tracks into the water and had drowned by doing so.

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