Why Blackjack Switch is a Great Game to Play

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With a house edge of just 0.16% when played optimally, Blackjack Switch is a game everybody should be playing, for there are not many other blackjack games that boast a house edge that low.

It is debatable whether players could make a living playing Blackjack online, but when it comes to getting the maximum winning chances it is a card game worth learning more about, especially when most other variants come with a much higher house edge.

The rules of that game are unique, however the standard variants use either a 6 or 8 deck shoe of playing cards and all cards are in each deck with none removed such as when playing games such as Spanish Blackjack.

Another common rule of Blackjack Switch is that the dealer will hit a soft 17 valued hand, however before each game begins players are required to place two bets in front of them and those two bets should be of the same value, and two hands are dealt out to players.

The dealer is always going to peek at his down facing card when his up facing card is either an Ace or a 10 valued card, if the dealer then goes on to reveal a Blackjack hand with his two initial cards all players bets are losing ones, unless a player matches that Blackjack hand and in such instances the players hand will be classed as a push.

How this game differs from all others is that a player can swap the second card dealt out either of his or her two hands with the other hand.

Therefore Blackjack Switch does call for a completely different playing strategy than all other variants, due to that second card swapping rule. But as mentioned it is a card game worth learning how to play as that house edge really is tiny.

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