Will Brexit Have a Negative Effect on UK Gambling Stocks?

brexit flag concept

With last night’s Vote of Confidence going the way of Theresa May, that coupled with the ongoing negotiations regarding Brexit and the UKs withdrawal from the EU, many people who have stocks and shares in UK based gambling companies are thinking about ditching them.

GBP has been on something of a volatile journey over the last couple of years, and that in turn has been having a very negative effect on the profits of betting and gambling related companies that are based and operating from the UK but offer multi-currency options to customers based in many other countries of the world.

As for which companies are weathering that storm quite well, you only have to look at the recent massive profits of Bet365 to realise they are a company that are generating huge profits, however being a privately owned one it is a company you are not going to be able to invest in.

If, therefore, you are seeking out a company that is based in the UK, but one that does have something of a brighter outlook, it William Hill perhaps may be an option, for they are currently massively expanding their operation outside Great Britain in countries such as the USA.

Many other betting companies in Great Britain, however, are not only going to be at risk of seeing their share value dropping if GBP continues to fall in value. They are also vulnerable to their share values dropping in the early part of next year, when the new reduction in the stakes at FOBT are introduced.

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