Will the Planned New Majestic Hotel in Vegas be a Flop?


There are many things that you associate Las Vegas with, and the ones that spring to mind primarily are gambling, drinking and partying. In fact, you are also going to be able to smoke in most casinos and with the relaxation of marijuana laws it’s fair to say the city does appeal to a wide audience.

However, there is a new hotel planned for Vegas, that being The Majestic, which is aiming for a totally different type of clientele that no other hotel in Vegas is currently basing their business model on, that being the health conscious traveller.

The Majestic which is expected to cost a whopping $850million to build is going to be a non-gambling establishment and one in which no smoking will be allowed on the property and is going to be offering customers a range of health and wellbeing services, too.

As for what guests of that new hotel can expect when staying there, well instead of gambling they are going to find things such as a med spa, a foot fitness centre and a range of nutrition-based services and offerings too.

The developer of that property which is going to be located near the new Convention Centre, that being one Lorenzo Doumani, is convinced his target market are currently visiting Las Vegas but their wants and needs are not being met by any other venue.

He is also hoping that forward thinking and likeminded business owners and companies that are intending to send many their employees to Vegas to attend any of the many conferences held throughout the year are going to be tempted to send their employees to his hotel.

It is certainty a gamble, but one that may just pay off, however whether guests will flock to the venue when built and therefore make it a success does remain to be seen.

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