Wolf Hunting Drill to be Held Annually in Macau

venetian macau

Following the completion of a simulated emergency drill held hours ago in the Venetian Casino Resort in Macau, the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau has decided that it will now become an annual event to ensure the emergency services are ready for any major terror or robbery related incident that may befall the city.

This morning’s drill that was held in the very early hours is the second such one to be held in Macau, and with authorities hailing it a complete success, they are also aware that an incident could occur at any time, but they do feel that all emergency services and first responders will be prepared for such an incident at any time of the day or night.

The name of that drill was “Wolf Hunting” and all public service departments were involved in it and not just the police department.

This morning’s drill was based around six armed criminals that were simulating attacks on casino customers with the aim of robbing the casino.

The emergency services then role played scenarios including ones with multiple injuries around the casinos gaming floor, a bomb threat along with hostages being held.

In total eight different government departments took part in the drill and it was also staged hand in hand with the Gaming Bureau who tested out their Major Incidents Emergency Communication Mechanism which was a system put into place back in 2017.

Obviously an incident such as an armed robbery or terrorist incident could occur at any time, but the authorities believe that by running such drills regularly they are going to be as best prepared for such incidents as they would ever be by staging them.

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