Woman Causes Panic by Taking A Snake into a Casino

Holland Casino Amsterdam

There are, of course, plenty of reasons why a land based casino would call the police, and it is usually the case that a player or group of players have turned violent or someone has been caught cheating.

However, the police over in the Centrum-Jordaan area of Amsterdam must have been left scratching their heads recently as just what to do when they were called to the local casino and found the reason for the casinos urgent call for assistance, was that a woman was attempting to take a snake into the casino with her.

The casinos in Amsterdam as part of their security procedures have a bag check area, and it was during a bag check that casino staff discovered a huge snake in one woman’s bag and that is what caused the security team to call in local police as it was something their handbook doesn’t give them advice on.

Upon receiving the call, the call handlers were somewhat perplexed with just which officers to send out, so they decided to send out one of the dog handler teams, who if nothing else would have some experience of dealing with animals, and possibly reptiles too.

It appears the reason the woman was attempting to take the snake with her into the casino was that it had been used by her friend who uses it as part of her act when performing in local venues, and she was asked to take the snake back home with her at the end of the performance, and upon passing the casino she wanted to cash in a ticket but didn’t want t leave the snake unattended in her vehicle whilst doing so.

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