Wynn Macau Wins Court Case against Debtor Customer

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In many parts of the world gambling debts are not legally recognised or recoverable by the courts and judicial service, and as such there is always the risk that when a casino extends a line of credit to any of their customers, there is a chance those customers could default on paying them back.

That is certainly the case regarding a court case that went before a Malaysian Judge today, for the Wynn Macau decided their patience had run out regarding the repayment of a line of credit they extended to one of their high rolling players, and decided to take him to court.

Malaysia is one of those places that gambling debts and casino credit lines are not legally recognised, so it was something of a risk for the Wynn Macau that the judge would throw the case out, but that was not the case as they decided to go down an interesting legal route regarding the case.

They argued that they were not, in fact, seeking redress and repayment of money owed from a wagering type of contract, but were instead seeking repayment of a credit agreement that one of their Malaysian based customers had not repaid.

The judge decided that he could and would make a ruling on the case and the upshot of it was that he awarded Wynn the full HK$33 million that the customer owed the company and he must also repay interest on that amount too.

The gambler in question was one Mr Paul Poh Yang Hong and it was said in court that he had took out a line of credit worth some HK$40 million back in 2017, and whilst having paid back just HK$7 million he had failed to pay back the entire amount borrowed.

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