Atlantic Club Casino Sale Falls Through For a Third Time

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TJM Properties, who are the owners of the building that once housed the Atlantic Club Casino, must be convinced the now empty building is jinxed, for they had been pinning their hopes on selling it once and for all to a Philadelphia based company who had recently been eager to buy the property.

However, it appears the sale of the Atlantic Club Casino building will not be progressing any further for they have called off the sale for reasons that haven’t yet become clear.

This is the third time a potential sale of the building has fallen through, for back in 2014, not long after the casino closed its doors for the final time, the local Stockton University had  been interested in buying the building, however, that deal didn’t progress either.

Then in 2017 there was talk of another company, this time being one that is based in Ventnor buying it, and they did have some impressive plans to demolish the building and build a water park on the land however that deal didn’t go through either.

There is no doubt that the location of the property is a good one, and a location that based on the footfall could be put to a great many uses too, however, the rate at which potential buyers keep dropping out means it may be some time before it does finally get sold.

As for the chances of it becoming a casino once again, well that is always a possibility, and with an upward increase in visitor numbers to Atlantic City and the increase in visitor spend too, it can only now be a matter of time before a forward thinking developer does snap up the property, but let’s hope they do not simply sit on the land.

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