Major eSports Platform UltraPlay Wins Supplier of the Year Award

Bulgarian-based online gaming company UltraPlay has won yet another award for being the world’s number one eSports supplier for the second time in a row. The company hosts the revolutionary eSports platform ODDS.GG, a veritable cornucopia of gaming and betting content that includes a sportsbook, live market odds, 25+ competitive multiplayer games, and over 3000 events and tournaments each month.…

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Best eSports Sites for Bitcoin (BTC) Betting

The term eSports refers to the art of playing computer games professionally and has recently become recognized as a competitive sport in its own right. From it has sprung a multi-million dollar industry, with stadium-filling tournaments now taking place regularly around the world. In a recent review on the eSports industry, tech publication TechCrunch estimated it to be worth over $43 billion,…

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The Future of Sports Betting is Esports… Here’s How to Reach Its Fans

Nerdy gamer with controller

Over the past three years esports has rapidly built a presence in the gambling industry to become one of the fastest growing betting categories. This year it is on pace to reach up to $8 billion in total wagers. With a growing global audience comprised of 165 million ‘enthusiasts’ and 215 million occasional watchers, esports has the potential to eclipse…

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