Responsible Gambling

When you set about gambling either in a land based casino, online or via a mobile casino app, there are always inherent risks of doing so, and whilst this website is a news and information one related to casinos and no gambling can take place upon this site I do want to draw your attention to those risks.

The sensible option before you do start gambling when in any casino game playing environment is for you to set yourself a budget, and possibly put into place a few ways that you are not going to be put in a position whereby you can gamble more than you initially intended to do so.

This Responsible Gambling guide will enlighten you on ways you can indeed put into place your own personal gambling limits, and I will also be enlightening you on ways that you can seek help, support and additional guidance if you feel you wish to take a break or even give up gambling altogether too.

Setting Yourself a Gambling Budget

It can sadly be way too easy for you to gamble more money when playing any type of casino games for real money than you had initially planned, and therefore you should always set yourself a budget as to just how much money you are prepared to lose on any session you have.

When visiting a land based casino for example, it is important for you remove the temptation to get more cash to continue to gamble with when you have spent up you bankroll, and as try not to take any debit or credit cards with you to such a venue, as that way you will never be tempted to make use of the ATM to get more cash!

When you set about gambling online or at one of the many thousands of mobile casinos offering a casino app, you will find those that are licensed and regulated with offer you a range of gambling limit option settings when you log into your account.

What I would urge you to do is to make use of those settings for by doing so you will be given the option of choosing a maximum deposit limit, over any given time period, and you will also be able to set yourself a loss limit too on any one session, and many casino sites and casino apps will also allow you to set just how long you wish to gamble for.

By making use of those self imposed deposit, loss limit and session time limit option settings, as soon as you have spent up or been gambling for the amount of time you opted for, you will then not be able to make another deposit or carry on gambling, until the time limit you set has expired.

Take a Break from Gambling

It can be quite difficult to take a break from gambling when you feel you need to do so, however many casinos will offer you the option of setting you online or mobile casino account in such a way that you will be able to lock yourself out of that account for any given period of time.

It is advisable for you to take a step back from time to time if you think you are gambling way too often or are spending too much money when you do so.

If you have been experiencing gambling sessions when things do not go your way or you feel you are on a losing streak and do fancy taking a break then look out for additional option settings available to you when a customer of an online or mobile casino site that will give you the ability of taking a break.

Keep in mind the old saying, “when the fun stops, stops”, for with that thought rattling around your head when you are gambling and losing, and not enjoying doing so you will be much more likely to stop playing and take a break.

Give Up Gambling

For some gamblers things can get completely out of hand, and if you have realised that you are spending lots of cash and cash you cannot afford to lose, or you spend way too much time thinking about getting some funds to gamble with, then it is advisable for you to stop gambling altogether.

It is sadly the case that only when a gambler hits rock bottom so to speak that they will seek help and support to give up gambling, but believe me when I say there are plenty of organisations that are going to help you both give up gambling and get your life back on track.

If you do want to stop gambling altogether you should first self exclude yourself from every land based, online and mobile casino or other gambling sites that you are a member of, as that way you will never be permitted to gamble at those sites, venues or on their respective mobile apps again.

If you do feel you need to talk to someone about your gambling problem then two organisations that I can wholeheartedly recommend are GamCare and Gamblers Anonymous, they both offer a range of different services, but your first port of call should be their respective websites.

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