Don’t Get Short Changed Betting on the Irish Lottery

Pot of gold

Each week a growing number of people are moving away from buying tickets to enter the UK National Lottery, and are instead visiting betting shops and online betting sites and are betting on the Irish Lottery instead. The main reason for them switching over to the Irish Lottery is that they have a much bigger choice of ways they can…

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When is a $298.3m Powerball Jackpot Not a $298.3m Windfall?

furious angry man watching mobile phone

There are plenty of decisions that need to be made when winning a massive lottery prize. One is over whether to remain anonymous but another that is more common in the USA is just how to accept your winnings. Massive Win for Truck Driver Truck driver Dave Johnson from Brooklyn in New York, USA, is still celebrating his $298.3m Powerball…

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Will the $1.5bn Mega Millions Winner Ever Claim their Winnings?


The clock continues to tick down as the  October winner of the world record $1.5bn Mega Millions jackpot still hasn’t claimed their prize. Whoever the winner is has another three months to claim the highest ever amount won by a single ticket in US history. But why hasn’t the winner come forward three months after their incredible win and what…

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Zeal Rejects Lottoland Offer Amidst War of Words

businessman with thumbs down

It has been announced that Zeal Network has refused a €76 million for its German business,, by rival lottery giant Lottoland.  Explaining the reasons for rejecting the offer, Helmut Becker, CEO of Zeal Network, said “It does not reflect the value of our German business”. Lotto24 It was also suggested by Becker that the attempted purchase was designed to…

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Think the UK National Lottery is Tough to Win? Try Winning the Italian SuperEnalotto Jackpot

500 euro notes

Winning a lottery jackpot is never going to be an easy task. Try telling that to any Italian who loves nothing more than picking their SuperEnalotto numbers. It’s a task that is one of the most difficult in the world to achieve and this week players were hoping for a Christmas miracle and an €81.4m jackpot win but with no…

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