Don’t Get Short Changed Betting on the Irish Lottery

Pot of gold

Each week a growing number of people are moving away from buying tickets to enter the UK National Lottery, and are instead visiting betting shops and online betting sites and are betting on the Irish Lottery instead.

The main reason for them switching over to the Irish Lottery is that they have a much bigger choice of ways they can pick out their favourite numbers and also how much they can place on each bet, too.

Many betting sites will now allow their customers to place alternative bets on the Irish Lottery, and by doing so they can pick out one to five numbers to bet on, and place bets as low as just a few pence or as much as they fancy wagering. This can be a much more attractive proposition as opposed to the minimum £2 bet on the UK National Lottery.

One thing worth noting though, is that different betting sites offer different odds, and many punters are being short changed and offered some very low odds when betting on the Irish Lottery.

As for what the highest available odds are on each number grouping in the Irish Lottery, look out for betting shops and betting sites offering odds of 6/1, 60/1, 700/1, 8500/1 and 150000/1 for placing and correctly predicting one, two, three, four and five number bets respectively when not including the bonus ball in such bets.

Punters that do want to place a bet on one, two, three, four or five numbers but wish to include the bonus ball in the numbers they are guessing from, should look out for payout odds of 5/1, 45/1, 375/1, 4500/1 and 45000/1 as they are the highest odds available.

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