Celine Dion Will Shortly End Her Vegas Residency

Celine Dion

She has been part and parcel of the Las Vegas music scene for quite some time now, however the clock is finally ticking if you fancy watching Celine Dion perform in Sin City, for her residency is about to end.

The very last show she will be performing in Vegas will be on June the 8th 2019, and she has just made known her final show dates which consist of 28 shows but split into two stints, those are going to take place from the 26th of February to the 16th of March and then from May the 14th to June the 8th 2019.

Having been in Vegas for 15 or so years now it will be a time for Celine Dion to take a break and decide what she plans on doing next once her residency ends, and it will be interesting to see who Caesars Palace have planned as her replacement, for she has certainly been packing in the guests for those fifteen plus years now.

It was in 2003 that she started her residency at Caesars Palace and over the years she has performed a huge 1089 shows there in total.

If you do fancy watching her perform then be aware tickets are going to sell out fast for those final few performances and they are going to be made available to the general public on this Friday the 28th of September at 1pm, so make sure you get your skates on if you fancy attending.

However, if you are a member of the Team Celine fan club you can get your tickets early as a pre-sale is going live today at 1pm, and I am more than confident there will be something of a mad rush from her fans to get their hands on one of the tickets for those final few performances!

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