Isle of Man Awards First Blockchain Sports Betting License

The Gambling Supervision Commission (GSC) of the Isle of Man, a British sovereign state in the Irish Sea, has awarded its first blockchain-based sports betting license. The landmark license was awarded to RoBET, a gambling tech start-up founded by Italian entrepreneur Edoardo Narduzzi who also founded AI trading service SelfieWealth and the Ethereum-based sports betting platform Bookiedom. RoBET is also…

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BitBoss CEO Matt Dickson Introduces Blockchain-Based Casino Hardware: Bridge

Blockchain-based gambling is traditionally considered to be solely restricted to online and mobile platforms but now the crypto firm BitBoss is introducing blockchain casino hardware. BitBoss has developed a hardware product designed for use in traditional brick-and-mortar casinos that uses what they call their ‘Bridge’ technology. Essentially, the hardware is a slots machine built on blockchain technology that supports the…

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Call for Lootboxes to Be Classified as Gambling in the UK

Following the ban on loot boxes in Belgium earlier this year, the children’s commission in the UK has now called for stricter regulations regarding the use of loot boxes in computer games. Some believe that the use of the devices in games constitutes gambling due to the need to pay for them and the unknown nature of what is being…

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NHS Opens New Gambling Addiction Unit Amidst Ongoing Brexit Threat

As the United Kingdom proceeds on its course towards a ‘No Deal’ Brexit, politicians and doctors continue to debate the uncertain future of the NHS. Many feel that a post-Brexit UK-US trade deal would put the future of NHS in jeopardy, with the strong possibility of it being dissolved completely. However, as a bastion of socialized healthcare, the NHS continues…

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Don’t Get Caught Taking a Gamble on the ‘Bitcoin Revolution’ Scam

Bitcoin has done wonders to revolutionize the online gambling landscape, offering many players around the world opportunities that were not previously available. However, despite significant advances in security and growing awareness, many Bitcoin-related scams are still doing the rounds on the Internet. One particular scam that keeps popping up in one form or another is Bitcoin Revolution (also known as…

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Major eSports Platform UltraPlay Wins Supplier of the Year Award

Bulgarian-based online gaming company UltraPlay has won yet another award for being the world’s number one eSports supplier for the second time in a row. The company hosts the revolutionary eSports platform ODDS.GG, a veritable cornucopia of gaming and betting content that includes a sportsbook, live market odds, 25+ competitive multiplayer games, and over 3000 events and tournaments each month.…

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EOS and BitFinex to Help Launch Blockchain Game Distribution Platform ULTRA.IO

In an attempt to address the gaming distribution monopoly that is held by a few big corporations, a revolutionary new platform has been developed using new technology. The innovative new system is aimed at creating a fair ecosystem off of which independent developers can market and distribute computer games. The platform brings together all gaming activities into one single…

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Best eSports Sites for Bitcoin (BTC) Betting

The term eSports refers to the art of playing computer games professionally and has recently become recognized as a competitive sport in its own right. From it has sprung a multi-million dollar industry, with stadium-filling tournaments now taking place regularly around the world. In a recent review on the eSports industry, tech publication TechCrunch estimated it to be worth over $43 billion,…

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Hacker Steals $100,000 from Crypto Gambling Game EOSPlay

A hacker has managed to steal $100,000 worth of cryptocurrency via the online gambling platform EOSPlay. EOSPlay is one of the busiest and most popular blockchain-based gambling platforms currently available, with a daily volume of over $314,000. Despite featuring only two games – Lottery and Dice – it’s a hugely popular platform and is currently the 8th most played gambling…

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New ICONBet App Aims to Revolutionize DAO Gambling


ICONBet has announced the launch of its first DAO gambling app built on the ICON blockchain. ICONBet incorporates a business model that differentiates it from existing blockchain gambling apps by giving players more control and ownership of the apps. The initial game is DAOlette, a roulette type game that plays on the pronunciation of ‘DAO’ for its name. For those…

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