Playing Scratchcard Games Online

Playing Scratchcards Online

There is a good chance that you don’t know that there are plenty of additional games available at most online casino sites, over and above the more standard casino games.

One category of game that has been proving to be popular with players, for all manner of reasons, are the many different types of Scratchcard games that you can play online, and if you fancy giving them a try then please do read on.

The one main attraction for players who do enjoy Scratchcards when playing them online as opposed to buying them from a shop or lottery type outlet, is that the pay-outs are much higher, not only the actual maximum prizes available on them but the paybacks too.

You should always keep in mind that when you buy a Scratchcard from a shop the purchase price isn’t being added to the prize pool, for a percentage of the cost of each card goes to the retailer who sold you it, the company that prints and distributes them and often a large chunk of the purchase price goes to a charity or some other organisation!

After they have all taken their cut what is left is then distributed as the prizes on offer, which is some instances, could be as little as 50% of the total funds raised by selling them! But by you setting about playing online Scratchcards game you will find they offer pay-outs of over 95%, much like the RTP’s of most slot machines!

Types of Online Scratchcard Games

As for the actual types of Scratchcard games you are going to be able to access and play online, just keep in mind that as they are going to be part and parcel of a casinos suite of games they will come with their own unique animations and often a range of unique sound affects to make playing them much more exciting.

I much prefer playing the ones that offer more than one basic type of playing structure, those being the cards on which you either have to scratch off six or nine panels and hope you get three matching symbols or matching cash amounts underneath any of them to win that particular cash prize.

You are going to find quite a number of Scratchcards that actually give you two or sometimes three ways of winning, one type of card may have the basic type of playing structure I just mentioned, whist some may additionally offer you a one scratch off panel as a second game on which you have to reveal a special symbol or cash amount to win.

If I were you and you do fancy just seeing if playing Scratchcard games is going to be something you may enjoy doing at a later date for real money, I would set about playing them for free initially as you are certainly going to find enough online casino sites offering such games and demo mode versions of them will of course be available to you at such sites too!

Online Scratchcard Stakes and Prizes

You are of course going to be able to play online Scratchcard games for stake levels you can afford, rather than being forced to have to pay one set amount if for example you bought one from a local store.

Therefore if you want to have, what may just turn out to be hours of fun and entertainment, and have plenty of winning opportunities, you should have no difficulties finding such games available online that come with stake levels as low as just 0.10.

You can of course increase the stake you play them for, however the pay-out percentages on offer on them will remain the same, unlike for example land based slot machines which offer much better paybacks and pay-out percentages to players high rolling, all Scratchcard players when playing them online benefit from some high RTP’s!

As for just how much you stand to win when playing Scratchcard games online, well that is of course dependent on just which ones you play, for there will be low variance ones that tend to offer much smaller jackpots, but have a much higher win frequency, and also there will be high variance Scratchcard games offering huge jackpots too.

In fact, I have recently come across a range of online Scratchcard games that offer players the chance of winning a progressive jackpot, but those jackpots are randomly awarded, which does make then extremely exciting games to play and offer you a possible life changing jackpot too!

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