Roulette Variants Available Online

Roulette Variants Avialable Oline

You can often get very carried away playing Roulette, and as such when playing you need to keep a well balanced mind, and never start placing bets that are way too high in value all over the betting layout when you experience a winning streak!

That is however much easier said than done, much more so when you are playing online from the comfort of your own home, and the numbers you select do keep on hitting.

However, if you do always keep your stake levels to ones that you and your bankroll can sustain, you really can have some of the most exciting of session playing Roulette online, but keep in mind that you are going to come across lots of different variants.

The three most popular variants include French Roulette, European Roulette and also American Roulette. French Roulette should be played if you only bet on even money paying locations on the betting layout, as the house edge on that game on all even money paying betting opportunities such as Red or Blackjack is just 1.35%.

European Roulette offers players placing bets on any betting proposition on the layout a house edge of a very reasonable and low 2.70%.

But you should forget about playing American Roulette online or for that matter anywhere as you are faced with a house edge of a huge 5.26% due to the additional double zero ball well, so always keep that in mind when selecting a Roulette game variant to play online!

Live Roulette and Roulette Games with Bonus Bets

Live Roulette games allow you to play Roulette from home on your computer and via a live video stream from the land based venue those games are being played in, keep track of the games and also via your computer place all of the bets you fancy placing on the betting layout of those live games too.

Many people do enjoy playing live Roulette games, for they are never left in any doubt whether the games they are playing are fair, as they can see each game being played off, so do check out some of those live Roulette games as you may also enjoy playing them too.

More and more Roulette games offer one or more side bets too, and will allow you to win a range of additional pay-outs when certain numbers have been spun in, or even in some cases get to play off a bonus game if one particular ball well is the one the ball ultimately lands in.

But just keep in mind that unfortunately the house edges attached to Roulette games offering one or most bonus betting opportunities are much higher than the base game, and whilst the bonus pay-outs can be huge and/or the bonus game you get to play off can be fun, those bonus bets will eat away at your bankroll quickly if things do not go your way!

Playing Progressive Roulette Online

There are, as you will very quickly discover as someone who sets about playing Roulette games online, plenty of other variants that you can get stuck into playing, and many online casino sites are going to be giving you a access to at the very least one progressive roulette game variant.

The most commonly available progressive roulette games are those that will require you to place an optional or in some cases obligatory 1.00 side bet to have any chance of winning the progressive jackpot.

When you have placed your standard bets on the betting layout and your obligatory 1.00 side bet stake has also been wagered, you then send the wheel spinning and into live play as standard.

However, what you are going to hope to see happening on for example the Roulette Royale progressive game on offer at casino sites that use Microgaming’s range of casino games is the same number spinning in several times on the trot.

By doing do you will then win a range of bonus cash prizes each time one number spins in two or more times, the most times a single number does spin in consecutively the bigger the bonus bet winning pay-out will become, if you do get the same number spinning in five times on the trot, then the progressive jackpot is yours.

However, the house edge on the obligatory side bet is a high one, so keep that in mind, for if the same number doesn’t spin in more than one time on the trot then you will never receive anything for that bonus bet, which will eat away at your bankroll over time!

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