Slot Races Replacing Slot Tournaments at Many Casinos


The number of online casinos that are now offering slot tournaments is on something of a decline, and what many of them are now offering is a range of slot playing competitions that are known as slot races instead.

Whereas when a player enters a slot tournament they pay a set entry fee and then can set about playing a slot for a set number of minutes, with all winnings transferred into points and the players with the highest number of points winning a cash or bonus credit price, slot races are a different beast altogether.

A slot race is designed in such a way that it is the number of comp points a player earns during the time period such a completion is in play for, which could be a set number of hours or one or more days.

The only downside of slot races is that it is often going to be players that are high rollers that will win them, for their higher stakes and much higher bankrolls will often see them accumulating more points than a lower roller slot player could ever do.

Therefore they are not the type of slot playing competition that is best suited to penny slot players or those on a limited budget.

But having said that, players will find that a small handful of online and land based casinos will still offer slot tournaments, but the number of them that do so are on the decline, and it may take a little bit of time to find casinos that will be offering them, but they are out there if slot players are prepared to hunt around. 

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