A Guide to Legal Online Casinos in the US

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The world of online casinos has come a long way since its inception in the late 90s. While such popularity is great for choice, it can also serve to confuse those without experience within online gambling’s broad domain. With that in mind, we designed this guide to help users in finding the right website for them. For the best games, bonus features, and fully legal play, here’s what we found.

Sorting the Legal Opportunities

One of the foremost hurdles in the world of online casinos comes from issues of accessibility. By involving gambling, online casinos require an enormous amount of regulation and legal licenses. While this means those operating in this sphere are incredibly safe, it also means that many websites aren’t accessible worldwide. A big casino in the US might not have a license to operate in the UK, for example. Though most websites will be able to inform you about these types of geographical incompatibilities, it can be easier to turn to websites that perform the work for you.

Understanding this, users can find collections of information on legal websites for Americans to gamble with in detail here. These best online casinos USA also provides valuable details about key features that players need to know, such as bonus systems, wagering requirements, website ratings, and more. Serving as an important starting place, these comparison services can help narrow down choices, after which users can determine which aspects on offer are the most important to them.

What Matters Most?

From this point, narrowing down which website to use is a matter of determining which components are the most significant to you. If you’re an experienced online gambler then chances are you already have some understanding of what you want, but for newcomers, this question is not so easily answered. Investigate each of the elements individually, however, and determining which website to try first should be a lot easier.

Signup Bonuses

Of all the features that set online casinos apart from their offline cousins, often the most appreciated is the abundance of bonus systems. Because of this, deciding which bonuses are best for you can also tell you in which online casinos your adventure should start. Generally, bonuses are separated into two categories, welcome bonuses, and seasonal bonuses.

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Welcome bonuses tend to come in the form of deposit matches and free spins. These generally have wagering requirements applied to them, which gamblers need to keep in mind with their potential winnings. Seasonal or rotating bonuses are those developed to maintain long-term player engagement. These can take many forms, from similar to welcome bonuses to VIP rewards systems, competitions, and more.

Currencies Accepted

Which currencies a website accepts can be a big deal depending on how each user stores their money. While most websites accept credit cards, some users might want to go an alternative route with systems like PayPal, Stripe, Paysafecard, and even cryptocurrencies. If you only have certain forms of payment available, then checking this first is a must, as going through the account creation process only to find no way to make a deposit can be frustrating.

Game Providers

Though many games are shared across online casinos, these games are tied to certain game developers. For this reason, fans of a certain developer or a certain type of game might be better suited to some websites than others. Players of live titles will want to turn to websites that offer Evolution Gaming titles, for example, while fans of slots might prefer websites that host NetEnt or Microgaming games.

Mobile Suitability

With a large part of the modern online world revolving around mobiles, it makes sense that many websites have leaned into this avenue of access. That said, not all mobile casino websites are created equal, where some could be difficult to appreciate for some users. Taking note of this, users who aim to spend time on mobiles immediately or somewhere down the line should first check to see how well their website of choice plays on their mobile device.

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While more features can influence a player’s decision, these four aspects illustrate the biggest components that potential players of online casinos need to keep in mind. From this point, narrowing down the available choices to one or two casinos should just be a matter of experimentation. Remember there are no wrong or right answers, it’s about choosing the website that works best for you.

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