All Macau Casinos to Close for Two Weeks from Today

closed sign

Gamblers in the Far East have already been staying away from places such as Macau, for that once very busy gambling city is of course in the grip of the Corona Virus outbreak.

However, in a very unusual move, the authorities in Macau have told all casino operators to close down their gaming floors for two weeks from today, and as such all casinos that were once bustling with visitors 24 hours a day are to close their doors, turn off their slot and gaming machines and their gaming tables will also be closed too.

That decision is going to strike fear into casino executives, for with gambling income levels having been at their lowest for five years, a two week shutdown will see them lose even more revenue, which is going to be impossible for them to make up once they are allowed to open up again.

Casinos in Macau were recently forced to close, and that was back in 2018, but that was just for a 33-hour period due to a typhoon hitting the area.

With around 10 cases of Corona Virus having now been confirmed in Macau, and due to the nature of a casino, it is a decision that on reflection is well thought-out, for if there is one place that people are at great risk of catching the virus it is in a busy casino.

With most major transportation routes into Macau already having been closed due to the spread of the virus, the city was going to see a huge drop in the number of visitors anyway, and the news of this enforced closure of all Macau casinos, has seen the share values of all gambling related companies operating in Macau dropping.

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