All UK Horse Race Meetings Cancelled

Horse Racing Action

UK bookmakers and those involved in the horse racing industry have been left reeling with the decision taken today to cancel all UK race meetings until at least the 13th of February, due to an outbreak of equine flu.

Several cases of the illness have been reported across the UK, and in what appears to be a very worrying turn of events, it would appear that horses that have been vaccinated against that illness have also found to be suffering from it.

Whilst the cancelling of all races until later this month is going to affect a large number of people in the industry in a negative way, it is the right decision to make for it is an illness that can be passed on very easily, and obviously all horses attending such a meeting could be at risk of catching it.

Betting shops across the UK are planning on broadcasting races from other parts of the world to give their customers something to bet on, but they do also offer a nonstop array of virtual horse races for those needing a horse racing fix.

It does have to be said though, that the 13th of February is not a set in stone date for racing to resume, for if the outbreak is much more serious and widespread than first thought that resumption of racing could be delayed even further.

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