Andorra Government hit with Lawsuit by Casino Operators

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A regional company in Andorra has recently been awarded the right to build and operate a land based casino in Andorra la Vella. However, that decision has been met with anger by four casino operators that had also put in bids to be awarded the license.

It appears that the company that has won the license is Jocs SA. However, the four other companies that entered bids for it feel that several requirements that were required to have been met for the bidding process could not be met by Jocs SA.

That has, in a rather unusual move, spurred those four companies, who for reference are Casinos Austria, Genting Group, Partouche France and Grupo CIRSA to launch a lawsuit against the Principality of Andorra, in the hope they will look again at the result of the bidding process, annul the decision and then award one of them with the license.

It is not unusual for a local company to be awarded a gaming license in any part of the world, however to ensure that those winning bids are awarded fairly the company that does win any license should meet all criteria of the application process, which is something those four other casino operators feel is not the case with Jocs SA.

Whether or not the complaints and lawsuit will be looking into and will be successful remains to be seen, but commentators and industry specialist do feel that there was something not quite right with the way the license was granted to Jocs SA, and some would even say each of the four other applicants were all better suited to be awarded the gaming license than Jocs SA.

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