Another £50k National UK Bingo Winner

50 pound notes

The one bingo game that all UK bingo players are eager to win is of course the National Bingo Game, for by getting all ten numbers crossed off their bingo ticket within 16 numbers called out, players will win a massive jackpot, which can be, and often is, as high as £50,000.

That game is one that is linked into many bingo clubs across the UK and as such there is never any knowing where a winning player will be based, nor in which bingo club that jackpot will next be won or when a jackpot will be won either.

So far this year a total for seven players have scooped the top prize of £50k playing the National Bingo Game, with the very latest player being based over in Leeds.

The player, whose surname has not been released, and as such is simply known as Shirley, is a 58 year old, and on the day she hit that jackpot she was playing with her friend, and as bingo buddies usually do, they promised each other before they started to play that if either of them won, then they would split any prizes they did go on to win.

It was certainly therefore their lucky day for they now have £25k each in the bank, Shirley, however, is no stranger to winning playing bingo for she recently won another £2,500.

The jackpot was won in one of the Buzz Bingo clubs, which is one of the biggest bingo club operators in the UK, and the manager of the Leeds Buzz Bingo Club has promised to lay on a party night soon to help Shirley and Dawn celebrate their huge win in style, and that night promises to be one hell of a party.

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