Another Landslide near the Lady Luck Casino Vicksburg


Employees and visitors to the Lady Luck Casino often have to cope with the effects of Mother Nature at this time of the year, however, one event that appears to be on the increase are landslides, and yet another has just affected the casino.

The main entrance of the casino accessed by Warrenton Road has been closed due to a land slide, however that doesn’t mean that the casino is inaccessible as there is an alternative entrance that everyone is being encouraged to use.

After any period of heavy rain there is always the chance of a landslide in and around Vicksburg and local residents have become accustomed to them, which often means they have to have alternative plans for getting to and from wherever they need to be after one occurs.

The Lady Luck Casino is a hugely popular one with nearby residents; in fact in 2018 they won no fewer than 17 awards for different aspects of their casino operation.

Those awards include one for being the casino at which players feel the luckiest, and they also won awards for being the friendliest casino, having the best host and the best selection of slot machines, having the best slot tournaments on offer and another for having the best range of 50 cents slots.

One of the main reasons why visitors are bound to make the slight detour to get to the Lady Luck Casino on Vicksburg is that they have one of the most rewarding players club too, that being the Fan Club. 

Ongoing promotional offers and deals ensure there is always something available to their customers, and with dining facilities and its own hotel anyone visiting the area can also stay overnight and enjoy the benefits of the casino resort.

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