Are the Risks of Building a Casino at Yumeshima Too High?

Yumeshima Proposed Casino Site

Questions are being asked as to whether the central government in Japan has made a wise move in proposing an artificial island at Yumeshima as an ideal location to be granted one of the several initial gambling licenses, allowing a casino operator to build a casino there.

It was only a few weeks ago that the area was hit by Typhoon Jebi, which caused some major devastation to the area, in fact due to the typhoon an oil tanker was slammed into the bridge that leads to the Kansia International Airport, resulting in it having to close down.

Now, being an artificial island, that did fortunately allow the powers that be to quickly put into place a repair plan for the bridge, and it didn’t take too long for the airport to be back in full operation, but as the area is prone to such typhoons will Yumeshima be a perfect location for a brand new casino resort?

That is certainly a question which does need answering sooner rather than later, for one has to be concerned about the very real risk to life should the area be hit by another typhoon and the subsequent flooding that also occurs.

In an attempt to allay fears, local officials are stating that there will be no risk to life due to the fact that the proposed area of the new casino resort is going to be built on land that is higher than sea level, in fact over 9 metres above sea level to be exact.

Time will, of course, tell whether the area is allocated one of the first few gambling licenses, and whether once the casino resort is built, if at all, it is going to afford visitors the maximum protection from the weather.

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