Arrests Made at Illegal Casino Operating in Pomona

businessman arrested

For those of you unfamiliar with Pomona, it is a City that is in Los Angeles County in California and a place that is sadly best known for its crime. There is also something of a gang culture there and one that the Pomona Police Department is very eager to get to grips with and eradicate.

Yesterday, several people were arrested at a property located on South Garey Ave, after a search warrant was granted based on the grounds that the local police department had discovered that an illegal casino had been operating at that venue.

A very large police presence took part in executing that search warrant, including the local SWAT team, and the raid does appear to have borne fruit, for several people have been arrested for illegally operating a casino.

Once inside the property, police discovered there were some 20 people inside and found several slot machines, plus all manner of other gaming devices, all of which have now been seized.

It would appear that the illegal casino operation was one that was frequented by local gang members, as several of those people arrested had outstanding warrants for both probation and parole violations.

Bail of up to $50,000 was put up for the ring leaders, who if found guilty, face a long time behind bars for operating that casino venue. The local police department hailed the raid as a complete success and are certainly making inroads regarding the criminal underworld in and around the area and intend to continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

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