Atlantic Club Casino in Atlantic City Fails to Sell Again

Atlantic Club Casino

With very prominent signs of an upturn in business in Atlantic City, and with the US economy being on the up, so to speak, that gambling destination does appear to finally be a place where investors may soon turn their attention.

It will not have escaped your notice though that over the last few years several casinos have closed down, but that does mean there are plenty of properties available, should an investor be prepared to take a gamble and open up a casino there.,

Take for example the Atlantic Club Casino, it has sat empty now for three years, and it had been hoped that the Stockton City University were as good as going to buy it, for they have been very eager to expand recently.

However, their bid to buy it has just fallen through, and as such the property is going to sit empty for much longer until somebody is prepared to bring it back to life again.

What Stockton University had been hoping to do was to knock down the casino and its parking garage and add more buildings to their campus, and whilst no clues where given away as to the price they were willing to pay, it seemed it was not enough for the current owners of that venue to accept.

It was revealed however that it was the amount of time that the University needed to raise the required funds and their inability to offer a timeline for the deal to go ahead that resulted in the purchase not going through.

However, I am of the mind that it won’t be very long before somebody does come along and buy the property and keeps it as a casino, which let’s face it is what Atlantic City is best famed for.

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