Big Bets Placed on Leeds to Win the Championship

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It is at this time of the year when plenty of punters are able to work out with some certainty just which football teams have the ultimate chances of winning their respective leagues, and there is currently a lot of support for Leeds United to win the Championship this season.

In fact, so great is the volume of cash being placed on Leeds to win the title this season bookies have been forced to drop their odds of doing so down to just 10/11.

Whilst nothing is of course guaranteed in football especially, all things considered Leeds do look a solid bet to prevail, however if they continue to play as they have been doing and the volumes of cash keep on coming in for them at betting sites those 10/11 win odds will not be around for very much longer.

As for any other teams that may just come out on top and beat Leeds, well there isn’t that many that have any realistic chances of doing so, and as far as the current second favourite team to win the Championship this season goes, that team is Norwich.

However, at win odds of 10/30 those odds do give you an insight into what the odds compilers at sportsbooks across the globe think of the chance of Norwich winning, but they could just win the title with a lot of luck in playing for the rest of the season.

Next in the betting you have both Sheffield United and West Brom, and they are the joint third favourites and most betting sites have them available at odds of around the 11/2 mark, which could be high enough odds to tempt a few loyal supports for those two teams to back them.

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