Black Hat Studio Trialling the Lightning Zap Game

lightning bolt

It is unusual to see a casino style gaming machine that isn’t a slot machine taking pride of place on a gaming floor these days. However, one game that is currently being trialled at a number of land based casinos in Vegas is the Black Hat Studio designed Lightning Zap game.

That game is one on which you are initially required to pick out a stake to play it for, and then are tasked with nothing more daunting than clicking the play button.

By doing so you will see an onscreen orb with what can best be described as a stalk underneath it, and by pressing the play button the stalk will light up and you are aiming for it to light up all the way to the orb.

If you do manage to light up the orb then you can win any of the cash prizes that are displayed on the screen, as the orb will send out lightning bolts and light up the cash prizes you have won.

However, to make it a little more exiting to play, a super zap type of bonus game could be triggered, and when it is you are given several chances of lighting up the orb.

Having seen several players giving it some play time, it does appear to be a very fast playing game and one that offers a low to medium type of playing structure. However, being a very fast playing game you can find it can gobble up your bankroll when things are not going your way.

As to whether it is going to be a game that players do find appealing over the long term, rather than simply playing it once or twice when they feel like taking a break from playing slot machines remains to be seen.

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