Blackjack Players Getting Short Changed with 6/5 Payouts

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Greed is certainly beginning to rear its ugly head in many land based casinos in places such as Las Vegas, and it is also something that many online and mobile casino players need to be aware of when they set about playing card games such as Blackjack.

Now most casino venues are going to live in fear of card counters and professional Blackjack players who are always looking for ways to gain an advantage when playing any variant of Blackjack, and most Dealers and certainly Pit Bosses are going to be able to easily spot a card counter in play at any of the tables they are dealing at or monitoring.

However, there is another way that casino venues can stop a card counter in his or her tracks, and that is to increase the house edge on the Blackjack game variants they offer, so it is no longer possible to gain a tiny advantage when card counters then set about plying their trade.

It is often by simply increasing the number of decks in a shoe of cards that a casino can increase the house edge, but one other way that really is going to annoy not only card counters but also occasional Blackjack players is when they lower the payouts paid to players dealt out a winning unmatched Blackjack hand.

The standard payouts on such hands are of course 3/2, and as such when you next set about playing Blackjack either in a land based casino venue or even when playing online or on your mobile phone, make sure you check that payout hasn’t been dropped down to a 6/5 payout.

To the uneducated that slightly lower payout of 6/5 may go unnoticed, but it really will lower the house edge of the game you are playing, much more so if additional decks of cards have been added to the shoe too.

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