Blackjack Side Bets: Are They Worth Placing?


Playing Blackjack is something many people will do at one time or another, however it will not escape a players notice that there are a huge number of different variants available, especially online.

The basics of the game are very simple, for all a player has to do is to place a bet on the table to receive two playing cards and then play that had off by either standing their hand, splitting pairs if desired or either doubling down their hand or hitting it.

The aim of the game is to simply end up with a hand that is higher in value than the dealers hand without going over 21 in total.

As the game is very easy to master, much more so if a player gets a blackjack strategy card for the variant they are playing, it is a game that does attract a lot of attention in casinos all over the world, much more so due to the simple fact that when it is played using optimal strategy the house edge is tiny.

However, all casinos are in the gambling business to make money, and as such many of them will offer a range of side bets and wagers to entice players to place them.

Those side bets are good for the casino as they all come with much higher house edges than the base game, but players do enjoy placing them as they offer them the chance of winning way more than they can do on the base game itself.

With that in mind, below are a range of Blackjack games and their respective side bets that are on offer on several different variants, all of which can be accessed online. Players do need to make their own mind up as to whether those side bets are going to be worth placing due to the increased house edges attached to them.

Triple 7’s Progressive Blackjack

The Triple 7’s Blackjack game is one on which there are a range of side bet payouts on offer to players, one of which can award a progressive jackpot.

The way in which that variant works is that on every single hand a player plays off they are obliged to pay a 1.00 side bet wager, and as such that bet is not optional.

By playing that variant when players are dealt out 7 valued cards to their hand as their first, first and second, first, second and third cards they are then awarded with a range of bonus payouts all of which are listed below.

7 Any Suit – 5.00

77 Any Suit – 25.00

77 Same Suit – 50.00

777 Any Suit – 250.00

777 Same Suit – 1000.00

777 in Diamonds – Progressive Jackpot

Whilst some of those bonus payouts are quite high in value, sadly the Triple 7’s Blackjack game is one of the older variants available online so the graphics and animations are not what anybody could call state of the art.

Bonus Blackjack Game

Microgaming have a variant of Blackjack called Bonus Blackjack, and when playing that game as opposed to the progressive variant reviewed above, players do have the option of placing the side bet or not.

By doing so they can be awarded with three possible bonus winning payouts based on the first cards they are dealt out to their hand, therefore it is only the first two cards that are awarded to a player that will determine whether a bonus payout is to be awarded or not.

Once the side bet wager has been placed along with the initial base bet the game will then begin as normal, with players initially being dealt out two cards. If those two cards are any of the combination of cards listed below then they are awarded with the respective winning payout as listed below.

Any 2 Card Suited 5/2

Jack and Ace Suited 25/1

Jack and Ace Spaded 50/1

Unlike most other variants of Blackjack that can and do award a range of bonus winning payouts, players do get to decide just how much they wager on the side bet, as opposed to being forced to have to play that side bet for a fixed stake.

Hi Low 13 Blackjack

Another Blackjack game that you may stumble across when playing online is the variant known as Hi Low 13 Blackjack. The base game used for that variant is European Blackjack, so if you have mastered playing that game you will soon get to grips with the way this bonus paying variants plays and pays.

There are three optional side bet wagers on offer to players of that game, the first is the Low bet option and players can decide to place a wager on that betting box in the hope that their first two initial cards dealt out to their hand are lower than 13 in total.

If their two initial cards are lower than 13, then they are awarded a winning payout based on the side bet they placed of even money. A Hi bet is also on offer, and that also pays out at odds of even money if a players two initial cards are valued at over 13.

A third side bet option however is available and that is the 13 Bet option, by placing that side bet players will be hoping that their initial two playing cards dealt out to them are valued at exactly 13.

That 13 Bet option is a much higher paying side bet, for the winning payout associated with it is 10 to 1, but as you may have guessed from those payout odds the chances of being dealt out two playing cards that add up to 13 in total are quite low, hence the much higher winning payout associated with that side bet opportunity.

As mentioned above players do always need to keep in mind that no matter how attractive a Blackjack game side bet looks, it will always come with a much higher house edge than that of the base game.

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