Bongo’s Bingo a Night to Remember

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The problem with playing bingo is that it can be quite a boring game to play for any length of time, and when a player’s numbers are not being drawn out game after game, it can be a very frustrating game, too.

However, thanks to a fairly new concept bingo players are going to have one big party when playing, and that is all thanks to Bongo’s Bingo.

What that company offers is a brand new bingo playing concept and one in which there are bingo sessions as players would expect, but in-between the bingo games pop groups could take to the stage and players get to dance and rave to their favourite songs.

In fact, a range of prizes are often given away via their bingo playing party nights over and above what is on offer on the bingo games themselves, so even if a players numbers are not being drawn out they could still go home with armfuls of prizes.

Bingo players welcomed in the New Year playing Bongo Bingo over in Newcastle, and from all accounts a good time were had by all, especially when a couple of the girls from the pop band formerly known as S Club 7 took to the stage and belted out some of their hits.

The reason why Bongos Bingo is proving to be so successful is that it is a concept that is attracting a much younger demographic of bingo player, however there are plenty of older bingo players who love nothing more than climbing on the tables and dancing around in-between the bingo sessions when the acts are on stage.

In fact, Bongos Bingo now have gigs planned all over the world and have had a great deal of success in places such as the UK, Australia and also in Ibiza too.

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