Caesars Looking to Expand into Japan

Caesars Japan Expansions Hopes

It looks like Caesars Entertainment are actively seeking to expand their casino operations much sooner than expected, for they have just announced plans to operate casinos in Japan.

There are four sets of plans and proposals that they have put together which are for casinos that are expected to be built in Hokkaido, Yokohama, Tokyo and Osaka. However, they do seem eager to open up a casino sooner rather than later on the islands of Okinawa too.

In a news conference at the start of the week they announced that they have put together a range of ideas and plans for several proposed Japanese casinos. This will certainly mark a new direction for them and one that they are eager to get involved in.

It is of course a completely untried and untested marketplace for any casino operator, but they do have years of experience under their belt and will not be afraid of spending money when it comes to ensuring that any casinos they are given approval to build and operate will be impressive.

It was back in July of this year that legislation was cleared which will see casino gambling in Japan becoming legal, and whilst it will not be until around 2024 that the very first casinos in Japan will be built and ready to open, Caesars are eager to get the approval to build them.

Integrated resorts are what will be built as opposed to just stand alone casinos, and with Okinawa being a great place for tourists is why they have chosen that particular area as the one for the very first casino to be built.

It will be interesting to see any additional future announcements as to these proposed Japan based casino resorts, as there will be no end of investors interested in them There will of course be plenty of other competitors to Caesars Entertainment who will be keen to stake their claim to such properties.

So it will posibbly be a case of the one with the deepest pockets and the most impressive plans that are likely to get the approval of the Japanese Government.

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