Camelot Refusing to Pay Out £4million Scratch Card Win

debit card thief

Camelot, the company the runs the UK National Lottery is also best known for their range of scratch card games which have been proven to be popular with players over the years.

Their scratch cards can be purchased from any of the many retail outlets that sell their lottery tickets, and many players will often buy one or two of them when buying their lottery tickets, in the hope they will win of the many different valued prizes on offer.

The jackpots those scratch cards can award to lucky players can be huge. In fact, they have recently been selling one that offers a whopping £4million as the top prize. However, something rather unusual has happened regarding the jackpot winner of one of those cards.

As soon as a player does win big Camelot has a set number of security checks they need to make, and those security checks have resulted in one winning player not being able to receive his £4million in winnings from his scratch card.

It appears that the winning player was asked for his bank account details so that the winnings could be wired into his bank account by Camelot. However, that player told Camelot that he didn’t have a bank account, and could he receive his winnings by another payment method instead.

The security checks revealed that the winning scratch card had been paid for with a debit card, and as a result Camelot are refusing to pay out that winning player as they believe the debit card used to pay for it was stolen, for without a bank account that player wouldn’t have a debit card.

That does look like a case of karma, for if the debit card had been stolen and used by the player to purchase the jackpot paying winning scratch card then for the rest of his life, he is going to be regretting stealing it, and rightly so!

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