Cardi B Confirms Residency at the Palms Casino Resort

Cardi B

It has been something of an open secret for several weeks now, however in her own unique way Cardi B has confirmed on an Instagram video that she has just signed a deal for her own residency over at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas.

In an expletive filled video, the clearly overjoyed Cardi B goes on to confirm that she will be in Vegas later this year and boasted of how her unique style packs punters into any venue she is playing at.

As for just which part of the Palms Casino Resort she will be performing in, well it is, of course, the aptly named Kaos Nightclubstarting with her debut show which is planned for the spring.

Over at the Wynn Hotel it is being suggested that Drake is in the process of agreeing a residency there, which means if that goes to plan both Drake and Cardi will be two of the youngest performers to have residencies in Vegas in recent years.

The fact that the performers are getting younger does prove that Vegas is certainly changing and part and parcel of that change is to appeal to a much younger demographic of visitor and one that is looking for other things to do other than just gamble.

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