Cashier Turns Rogue at Rendezvous Casino in Brighton

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If there is one thing that all casinos need, it is a very strong, robust and foolproof accounting system in place.

If there are any weaknesses at all in the way that a casino reconciles its income generated and its payments out, then as sure as night follows day there will be somebody that will try and exploit its weaknesses.

Over in the seaside town of Brighton in the UK, it appears that one of the Rendezvous Casino cashiers did find a way of milking the casino, and that employee was Caroline Maguire, a 51 year old that had worked at the casino for around ten years.

Whilst the full details of how she milked the casino of around £50,000 have not be released, it appears she was able to “invent” winners, possibly by counterfeiting cash out tickets, and then removing the cash from the casino.

She had managed to pull her scam from July 2017 until May of 2018 when it finally dawned on those responsible for reconciling the accounts of the gaming machine income with the payouts processed that something was amiss.

Casino management has quizzed Maguire on the discrepancies, to which she suggested it could have been another employee, however, it must have become apparent that is was Maguire that was responsible for those discrepancies and she was promptly suspended pending an investigation.

A full and complete forensic audit was then performed and it was at that point it became apparent that Maguire had been the one responsible for the losses and she was reported to police and ultimately ended up in court.

She pleaded guilty to all charges and has been given a 16-month suspended sentence and will be possibly be forced to pay the money back as part of a Proceeds of Crime Act audit which has now been instigated.

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