Casino Employee Sentenced to 5 Months for Players Card Scam

man in prison

An employee who previously pleaded guilty to a players card scam at the Grand River Casino near Mobridge back in October has just been sentenced to 5 months in prison for her actions in that scam.

The case revolved around Crow Ghost who worked for the casino and had the ability of adjusting the number of points on players cards, which is apparently what she set about doing.

Ghost was the Marketing Director for the casino and as part of her points for drug scheme she added a huge number of comp points onto a customer’s players card in exchange for powerful painkillers.

When the scheme was rumbled, it was revealed that from October 2016 to March 2017 she has added some 426,000 comp points onto customers players cards, which has a value of some $4,260 and had also comped those players some $1,041 in rooms and meals at the casino property too.

Those points were then cashed in for cash, and it was explained to the court that it was for payment of drugs received by Ghost from the players whose players card she added those points too.

The casino has since the incident increased their security system to quickly spot any unusual players card activity, however it did take them some time to initially realise something going on, which in turn allowed Ghost to get away with her scam for so long.

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