Casino Employees Supporting SportAid

Rendezvous Casino Brighton

Staff members from the Caesar’s Casino Rendezvous in Brighton, in the UK, took a welcome break from spinning the Roulette wheel and dealing out the cards yesterday, and took to building rafts and then taking their chances on the white water rapids at the Lee Valley White Water Centre.

That day of adventure was all part of their commitment to help raise funds for SportAid which is an annual fund raising event in which all money raised is distributed to younger and disadvantaged athletes to help fund their sporting careers.

They did of course have some help in their challenge yesterday and it was Etienne Stott who won a Gold Medal in 2012 who was on hand to help them build their rafts and give them words of encouragement. Also in attendance were some of the young athletes who are benefitting from the money raised.

All of the casino staff managed to complete their white water rafting tasks and managed to get home safely at the end of the event, however many of them did spend more time in the water than floating on top of it.

The Caesar’s Casino Rendezvous in Brighton is a popular venue with both holidaymakers and locals alike, and does of course offer everything an avid casino game player could want to play, including slots, Blackjack and Roulette.

If you are interested in helping SportAid by making a donation then you will be more than welcome to do so and you can find more details of how to make a donation or even set up your own fund raising event by visiting the SportAid website, and if you do let’s hope you do well and raise a small fortune for this very good cause!

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