Casino Execs Pushing for Vegas to Reopen by the End of May

Vegas Showtime

It sure is survival of the fittest in all market sectors currently, with airlines feeling the pinch, and with the value of oil turning negative yesterday, some of the world’s largest companies are beginning to feel the pain of the current Covid 19 pandemic.

With workers across the globe being furloughed, and many companies also screaming out for financial aid, things sadly look like they are going to get much worse before they get better.

Over in Vegas the lockdown is continuing, however like many people in America, casino execs are holding their nerve whilst keeping an eye on their dwindling cash reserves but are also demanding that Vegas should be allowed to spring back to life by the end of May.

Whilst a vacation to Vegas may be the last thing on many peoples minds right now, by being allowed to reopen their casinos, that will at least go some way to help bring confidence back into the gambling industry there and all of the many other businesses that have been forced to shut their doors too.

There will of course need to be some major changes regarding how casino resorts in Vegas will operate if and when they are allowed to reopen, however many casino execs are confident that they will be able to operate even with some very strict guidelines in place, to protect their customers from the virus.

Those guidelines are expected to include moving slot and gaming machines further apart, reducing the number of players that can sit around a gaming table and a much stricter cleaning regime in place on the gaming floors, and possibly the closure of night clubs and buffets inside each casino resort too.

Most industry commentators are confident that Vegas will one day recover from the Covid 19 outbreak but will certainly have to completely change the way the casino resorts operate when doing so.

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