Casino Fined for Giving Customer Too Many Drinks

Businessman Hand Rejecting A Glass Of Whiskey

One of the benefits that often comes a land based casino players way are, of course, the free drinks they are served as they are gambling. As long as a gambler can catch the attention of the often very busy cocktail waitress they can order any drink they like.

However, that free drinks rule has come back to bite one casino, in both a tragic and expensive way, for they have just been given a huge $250,000 fine for serving one customer eight alcoholic drinks in two hours.

That large number of drinks would usually have gone unnoticed by most casinos and their licensing authority, however, the customer in question left the casino, jumped in his vehicle and sadly mowed down and killed a jogger.

The casino in question was the Mount Airy Casino Resort, and it was the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board that determined they were in the wrong and hit them with that mega fine.

Whilst the gambler who did kill the jogger who was for the record 53 year old Marc Graves, he did get sentenced to up to 6 years in prison, the Gaming Control Board felt that if the casino had monitored the amount of alcohol he had been served that tragic incident may not have occurred.

What makes this story even more tragic is that the casino has said previously back in 2017 that they would install a system whereby they could track the drinks served to their customers, but they have failed to do so.

That huge fine will certainly be a wakeup call for other casinos, for it is one thing giving customers free drinks but quite another keeping track of which customer had what drink and how many of them, too.

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