Casino Self Exclusion – Your Feedback Needed


When you are no longer enjoying your gambling activities, and are eager to take a break or even give up gambling altogether, one of the ways that you can do just that is by self excluding yourself from all casinos and gambling sites and venues you play at.

However, each such venue and site will have their own protocols in place, often laid down by their licensing authority, as to just how long you will be banned from any site or venue you have self excluded yourself from. 

In Nova Scotia, the Department of Finance and Treasury Board is seeking gamblers feedback, suggestions and ideas as to what regulations they should put into place at the casinos and gambling sites they license and regulate.

As such if you have some ideas or experiences you wish to share with them, they are very eager to hear from you, even if you are not a local resident.

They are particularly interested in hearing views on just how long the time period should be set when someone self excludes from a casino, also what systems they should put into place when someone tries to gamble at a venue they are self excluded from, and finally what the process should be when a players self exclusion period ends and they are allowed back into such a venue

If that is something that you are prepared to help them with, then please do feel free to head on over to the self exclusion feedback website and leave your comments, views and feedback and if you have any suggestions then do let them know.

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