Casino Technology’s New Ez Modulo Slot Cabinet a Huge Success

New Ez Modulo Slot Machine Cabinet

It has always been the case that when a slot game developer launches a brand new cabinet for their slot machines they are going to be taking some risks, for there is always going to be the chance that slot players do not find them appealing.

However, that is certainly not the case with slot players in Peru, for Casino Technology have been very impressed with the take up from land based casinos there with their new El Modulo slot machine cabinet, and slot players and casino operators are very impressed with it too, it would appear.

In fact, to date, there are now 1000 of those new cabinets to be found on gambling floors in land based casinos all over Peru, and part of the success of that cabinet may be down to its sleek design, coupled with the fact that slot players have a huge number of slot machines that they can play on each single slot.

The cabinets have been designed in such a way that currently land based slot machine operators and land based casinos are able to offer up to 40 different slots on each one of them, therefore meaning players do not have to keep swapping and changing the machines they are playing if they fancy trying their chances playing any number of different slots.

It is expected that due to the success of the first 1000 new cabinets, that additional units will be ordered, and at the rate they are being snapped up it wouldn’t be too surprising if Casino Technology are reporting they have reached the 2000 mark much sooner rather than later.

Peru is probably not somewhere that you immediately think of as being a place where slot machines are popular, but maybe it’s time to think again.

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