Casino Visitors Advised to Pay Attention to their Safety by the LVMPD

Safety Of Vegas Visitors

As the weather finally turns somewhat cooler in Las Vegas, visitor numbers are about to increase, and in a timely reminder from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, they are advising everyone to pay careful attention to their own personal safety as they move from casino to casino.

Whilst Las Vegas is as safe a city as many others, there is of course a degree of crime, and it is often visitors to the city that are more likely to become victim to those crimes, which include fraud, scams and theft.

Due to the fact that many visitors to Las Vegas tend to be in awe of their surroundings, police are worried that they may be too distracted by their surroundings as they move from casino to casino and could be victim to criminals, and as such are advising everybody to remain alert when out and out to reduce the risks.

One word of advice passed onto those driving from casino to casino is to ensure that you park in the brightly lit areas of the parking lot, and do not leave your vehicle parked in a dimly lit area, where your vehicle itself could become victim to an auto related crime.

Also, never leave any valuables on display or in your vehicle too, for there are plenty of criminals out there that could soon break into your vehicle and make off with your valuables in a matter of seconds.

The police are also advising gamblers to be careful when they are carrying large amounts of cash around with them, for example if you have just won a slot machine jackpot, as the bells and whistles are certainly going to draw the attention of other players, any of whom could be criminals.

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