Casinos Across the Globe Gearing Up for Re-Opening

blue neon open sign illuminating under the dark

Light is now beginning to appear at the end of the tunnel regarding the reopening of land based casinos across the globe, and as we have reported before, many changes are now being put into place at all casinos for what has been called the “new normal”.

As for what those changes are, well it looks like Keno, Bingo and Poker players are not going to be able to play those games for quite some time due in no small part to social distancing concerns surrounding the venues in which they are held.

The gaming floors of casinos are going to look quite different moving forward with much larger gaps and spaces in-between each machine, however plastic side screens are now also being added to machines that are side by side.

Gaming tables are going to have fewer seats and places for players, and that will also mean that some casinos are going to be increasing the minimum bet on their card tables, to allow them to make those games with fewer players financially viable.

Expect to also see many more electronic table games added to gaming floors, as they do away with the need for a real-life dealer.

There will also be a much more rigorous cleaning regime in all casinos, so expect to see an army of cleaning staff on duty no matter when you decide to visit a land-based casino.

Every casino will of course be protecting their employees and not just their customers, so face masks and gloves are going to be the new normal for quite some time to come.

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