Casinos Targeting a Younger Player Demographic with Skill Games

Skill Level

Take a look at the type of players in any casino and you will often discover it is the older generation that will be sat playing games such as video poker, and many of the table games are also dominated by much older players.

This is something which many land based casino operators are eager to address, and have always been looking for ways to attract much younger gamblers onto their gaming floors.

Whilst it is true to say that such players may be drawn towards playing slot machines, it can be hard to get them to stay playing for any length of time, when there are night clubs and a plethora of other activities they are going to be interested in, especially in places such as Las Vegas.

Therefore, many casino game designers have been very busy recently designing what they hope will be a range of games which are much more skill based, and are based around video type games that younger people will possibly be more attracted to playing.

There have been quite a number of such games already launched and some casinos are giving such games prominence on their floors, eager to see if players of a younger age are prepared to give them a try.

However, so far such games haven’t really struck a chord with younger players, and often you are much more likely to see older players giving them a try instead. 

Whether the skill based games which are still in development and will be realised soon will become popular remains to be seen, as they haven’t so far proven to be as popular as casino operators and game designers had initially hoped they would be.

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