Casumo Casino Forced to Pull Google Advert

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It has been a costly decision for Casumo Casino to move into the UK marketplace recently, for having already been hit with a huge £5.8 million fine for not having failsafe systems in place to help spot potential problem gamblers, they have also just been told to pull an advertisement from Google.

When searching for any gambling related term on that search engine, you will often find at the top of the search results a range of paid for advertisements for gambling sites, and whilst that is good business decision for any company in the gambling industry wishing to promote their offerings and services, the type of searched for terms selected for such advertisements is important.

Well one term such companies shouldn’t be looking to target is anything related to giving up gambling, and it appears that Casumo Casino have been targeting one such search term and that has been picked up by the UK ASA (Advertising Standards Authority).

A complaint submitted to the ASA was investigated, and that complaint came from someone that was searching how to unsubscribe from all gambling, and an advert from that casino site did appear on Google and one promoting a deposit match bonus and a set of free spins to all new players signing up to that casino.

The upshot of that investigation has been that Casumo Casino have been told to pull that advert and to ensure that they do not continue to promote their site to people who are seeking help and support with giving up gambling.

Anyone that is in need of help or support regarding giving up their gambling activities are strongly advised to make use of the services offered by GamCare, Gamblers Anonymous and also make use of the tools available from Gamstop that can help gamblers self-exclude themselves from multiple gambling sites.

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