Century Mile Racetrack and Casino Opening Day Announced

cutting red ribbon

It was on the 31st of January that the Northlands Casino closed its doors for the very last time, and there were mixed emotions that day from the employees and customers of that casino, for many of them had been working or gambling there for the 23 years that it had been in business.

However, the main reason for the closure was that a brand new one was being built by Century Casinos, and the casino has been rapidly taking shape up near the airport.

That new casino is the Century Mile Racetrack and Casino, which is going to offer a completely new type of gaming experience for customers, and Century Casinos have announced that the opening day for that venue will be on the 1st of April this year.

Local residents will no doubt have seen the slot machines and gambling tables being moved from the now defunct Northlands Casino and they have now all been installed and are waiting to be switched on, on the gaming floor of the Century Mile Racetrack and Casino along with plenty of brand new games.

That new casino was announced back in 2016 and the final touches are now being put into place to ensure the opening day goes smoothly, and it does have to be said that local residents appear to be getting quite excited about its grand opening, for there is a lot waiting for them when it does.

With a one mile race track, and a shiny new casino gaming floor waiting for them, coupled with restaurants and bars the opening day is bound to be a very busy one and one that a huge number of people will be attending.

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