City of Dreams Mediterranean On Target to Open in 2021

City Of Dreams Mediterrean

In terms of cost and the sheer size of the development, the soon to open City of Dreams Mediterranean casino resort in Cyprus is one of the most expensive and biggest developments ever undertaken there, and things are progressing well regarding the construction of that massive property which is on target to open in 2021.

Having set aside a whopping $630million to build and open the casino resort, Melco International the company that own and will be operating it have invested heavily, and it is an investment they are convinced is going to pay off.

They will though, need to ensure enough visitors do pay a visit to the casino resort for it to make a profit, and they have estimated that as long as they get around 300,000 visitors each year, then it will be a profitable venue, and having seen the plans drawn up for it, it does appear quite possible that visitors to Cyprus will want to pay it a visit if they haven’t booked into its hotel already.

As for what the City of Dream Mediterranean will be offering guest and visitors, well it has been designed with some 500 rooms and suites, there will be no fewer than eleven restaurants inside the property and there will of course be plenty of bars too.

Guests will also be able to make use of indoor and outdoor swimming pools if they fancy lounging around by the pool, and there are also plans to build a fitness studio and a spa.

There will be around 1200 slot machines and a whopping 140 gaming tables inside the casino, spread over its 7,500 square foot gaming floor, and that should give everyone who does fancy gambling plenty of choice as to how they can go about doing so.

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