Corona Resort and Casino Opens Doors to Local Residents

Grand opening ribbon cutting

For the very first time in Vietnamese history, a land based casino has been permitted to open its doors to local citizens and not just foreign visitors, and that casino is the Corona Resort and Casino.

The huge, by Vietnam standards, gaming floor of the casino covers some 30,000 square foot and offers customers an array of 2000 different slot machines along with a huge number of gaming tables, which at the last count were over 200 in number.

It was thanks to the VinGroup that the property was built, and with a cost of $2.1billion it was a risky gamble for them to take, but one that they are more than confident is going to pay off over the long term

Thanks to a recent change in the laws surrounding local residents gambling in such venues, anybody over the legal age to gamble, which is 21 years of age, whether a resident or visitor will now be permitted to gamble inside the property.

This change in the law however, is a trial one, and after three years the powers that be will reassess matters and decide whether the law should be changed permanently to allow locals to visit and gamble in the property, as opposed to simply being permitted to work there.

One of the unusual regulations related to that casino however, is that there is an entry fee which is required to be paid for local residents, and for a 24 hour pass that permits them access to the gaming floor it will cost them around VND1 Million, which is around $43 US Dollars.

However, no local is permitted to access the gaming facilities for over 720 hours per month. Foreign visitors can though, gamble there for free with no admission fees charged.

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