Croupier Arrested at the Melco Resorts Casino in Cyprus

Classic casino roulette wheel with red sector thirty 30

The casino game of Roulette is an exciting one to play, and with some luck it doesn’t take very long for a player that is constantly betting on the winning numbers that have been spun in on the roulette wheel to amass a small fortune.

However, the opposite is also very true, and when things are not going a players way they can very quick rack up some huge losses.

But when you are cheating, of course, there is the very real chance you could bag a fortune, as long as your cheating activities go unnoticed, and if you are working in cohorts with the Croupier it can be very difficult for a casinos security team to suss you both out.

Well, that appears to have been something that has been going on at the temporary casino that Melco Resorts have been operating over on the island of Cyprus, for it has just been discovered that over one month the dodgy Croupier had helped on player win a sizeable amount of cash over 18 times.

Not many details have been released about the casino cheats, other than both of them are men and the Croupier is 44 years old and the player is a 53 year old.

The security team did become aware that the player was acting in a rather strange way around the security cameras and it was his behaviour that ultimately led to his arrest and his cheating activities coming to light.

As soon as more details are released it will be interesting to learn how the Croupier and player managed to get away with their cheating activities for so long, and just what mode of operandi they were using. However, at busy times around a roulette table it is always possible for cheating to go unnoticed.

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